The Right Choices

I must own my own fears before I can let them go. Courage follows
closely on their departing footsteps.

Many of the things that you fear in your life are fears of your
choosing. Fear is nothing more than the lack of understanding. We fear
those things we know nothing about, things we’ve never done before or
things we don’t understand. You fear them because you don’t have
enough information about these things. You assume that it must be this
or that and in the assumption and often quick judgment a mental block
or fear develops. Given enough of these and you stop growing, you
stop learning and worse, you fear life.

You may even assume that these fears are a permanent part of you, but
they are not.

Sure it takes some effort to learn about new things. Yet that choice
is available to you. Once you choose to begin and learn about
something new, a whole lot more will suddenly pop into view. This
understanding (or enlightenment) will change not only you and your
life but will give you a sense of freedom from your fears.

Yes, it takes time and commitment to overcome a fear. Once you do it,
though, you’ll feel like you can take on just about any fear,
challenge or any obstacle in your life and you’ll be right.

Think about who you really are, think about and envision what you
truly want to become and what God wants you to do with your life. Let
God’s vision for your life, become your vision for your life. By
following God’s vision of who you can be, you’ll learn to grow in God.
Before you know it, you’ll look back and be amazed at how much your
faith has grown. How much you’ve grown.

Life can be easy, haphazard and empty, or it can be focused, directed
and full. The choices you make will make you who you choose to be.

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