Modern Day JOB

“I HAVE NEVER KNOWN a man in my life who so closely approximates the experiences of Job as George Samuel. What this man has accomplished for God defies explanation.”

So said H.I. founder, Dr. John Edmund Haggai, during the 2003 annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

“He has been a blessing to me personally. He has so far trained over 7,500 leaders who are working throughout the subcontinent [of India]. That is larger than any Western mission force in history.”

Dr. George Samuel epitomizes the vision, purpose, and strategy of Haggai Institute. Trained as a nuclear scientist, he is a leader in the field of nuclear medicine. He is well educated, widely traveled, and highly respected. George has published several books and given many lectures to the scientific community. In addition, he is a man of God. A man of unswerving faith. A man of action. This is his story.

“I was 15 years old when I committed my life to Christ. When the boy placed the five loaves and two fishes in the hands of Jesus, he did not realize at the time that he was placing them in the wonder-working hands of Jesus. In the same way I, too, did not realize fully what would follow, but later on, I began to experience the wonder-working hands of our Lord.

“When I was 27, the Lord gave me a vision for the lost. I remember the verse from Acts 20:24 through which the Lord spoke to me, ‘But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry which I have received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the Gospel of the grace of God.'”

The following year, when George’s parents chose his wife, he shared that verse with her just before they finalized the ceremony. She agreed with that, so it was easy for the young couple to make a decision to serve Christ together. Whereas he had been using office hours for nuclear medicine and off-hours for preaching the Gospel, they now reversed that, and it worked out very well. His passport as a scientist opened many doors of opportunity.

George and Elizabeth knew tremendous tragedy throughout their marriage. Three of their four children suffered cystic fibrosis. One of the boys, Sherry, died in early infancy, and the other two required constant care.

George relates his son Johny’s feelings of faith in Jesus despite his serious health struggles, “My hands are feeble, but God’s hands are able. I place my feeble hands into God’s able hands. Many times, we went through life and death experiences, but through each one, even though it was the end of the rope, it was not the end of hope.”

Johny asked his dad to write thoughts in his diary for him as they occurred. One entry reads, “The empty tomb is the birthplace of eternal certainty.”

This certainty in Jesus and His love for them carried the family through the most unimaginable pain. Johny wrote in his second book, Precious Thoughts for Better Living, “What happen to us is not as important as what happens through us.”

Perhaps Johny learned this lesson through his mother, Elizabeth. Her certainty of their family’s calling to follow the Lord is evident as she encouraged George continually, “You go on to your seminar and do not call and worry about home. We will be fine. You go with peace of heart.” Elizabeth went to her Heavenly home in 1998 after suffering from poliomyelitis.

As tragic as Elizabeth’s passing was, George had more tragedy and testing ahead of him. Ronnie slipped into a coma and died after life support was disconnected. Johny, the courageous young man who defied the odds for so long, died peacefully in his sleep a few years later.

Johny used to say, “I am a student of the University of Tribulations. Here I learn how to pray in a meaningful way. I will graduate only when it’s time to go to Heaven.” He had reached commencement.

Dr. Samuel’s family now consisted of his only daughter, Annie, and her husband Manoj. George reaffirms the whole foundation of his life and his strength.

“I praise God that despite challenges and grief and struggles, we have the certainty of hope. My mother died just three months after I lost my wife, Elizabeth. Only 79 days later, my father also went to his eternal rest. As if this wasn’t enough, three months later, my son Ronnie died, and then Johny. And repeatedly I was personally able to celebrate the certainty of our hope in Jesus. Because of the certainty, I am able to set the priorities for today and look forward to tomorrow.”

And like Job of the Old Testament, George Samuel continues to trust God regardless of circumstances.

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