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God Answers Prayers

Have you heard about the man who went up to Alaska?
After he had been there for a few months, he ran into a priest and
said, "Father, I hate to tell you this, but I’ve lost my faith in God
and the power of prayer."

"Why is that, my son?" the priest asked politely.

"Because," said the man, "a few weeks ago while hunting in the Alaskan
wilderness, I became separated from my friends. It was terrible! I was
out there all alone. I was in danger of freezing to death. So I prayed
and prayed to the Lord to save me, but nothing happened."

The priest was perplexed and he said, "But you are here now telling me
this story, so obviously you were rescued."

"Oh, yes," the man said, "but the Lord had nothing to do with it. I
was saved by an Eskimo!"