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50 Promises For Marriage

1.   Start each day with a kiss.
2.   Wear your wedding ring at all times.
3.   Date once a week.
4.   Accept differences.
5.   Be polite.
6.   Be gentle.
7.   Give gifts.
8.   Smile often.
9.   Touch.
10.  Talk about dreams.
11.  Select a song that can be "our song".
12.  Give back rubs.
13.  Laugh together.
14.  Send a card for no reason.
15.  Do what the other person wants before he or she asks.
16.  Listen.
17.  Encourage.
18.  Do it his or her way.
19.  Know his or her needs.
20.  Fix the other person’s breakfast.
21.  Compliment twice a day.
22.  Call during the day.
23.  Slow down.
24.  Hold hands.
25.  Cuddle.
26.  Ask for each other’s opinion.
27.  Show respect.
28.  Welcome the other person home.
29.  Look your best.
30.  Wink at each other.
31.  Celebrate birthdays in a big way.
32.  Apologize.
33.  Forgive.
34.  Set up a romantic getaway.
35.  Ask, "What can I do to make you happier?".
36.  Be positive.
37.  Be kind.
38.  Be vulnerable.
39.  Respond quickly to the other person’s request.
40.  Talk about your love.
41.  Reminisce about your favorite times together.
42.  Treat each other’s friends and relatives with courtesy.
43.  Send flowers every Valentine’s day and anniversary.
44.  Admit when wrong.
45.  Be sensitive to each other’s sexual desires.
46.  Pray for each other daily.
47.  Watch sunsets together.
48.  Say, "I love you" frequently.
49.  End the day with a hug.
50.  Seek outside help when needed.

Sand and Stone

A story tells that two friends were walking through the desert.

During some point of the journey, they had an argument, and one friend
slapped the other one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt,
but without saying anything, he wrote in the SAND: Today my best
friend slapped me in the face.

They kept on walking, until they found an oasis, where they decided to
take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in the mire and
started drowning, but his friend saved him. After he recovered from
the near drowning, he wrote on a STONE: Today my best friend saved my

The friend, who had slapped and saved his best friend, asked him,
"After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand, and now, you write on a
stone, why?"

The other friend replied: "When someone hurts us, we should write it
down in sand, where the winds of forgiveness can erase it away, but
when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone
where no wind can ever erase it.

Learn to write your hurts in the sand and to carve your blessings in