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God’s Peace

Do not permit yourselves to be fearful John 14:27

Worry is something you permit; peace is something you pursue. Jesus said, ‘… Do not permit yourselves to be fearful… ‘ That means you can take control of what goes on in your mind. How? By doing two things:

  • 1) by filling it with God’s Word. Not just the Word you read casually, but the Word you process
  •        mentally, apply to each circumstance and stand on in times of crisis
  • 2) by placing each situation into God’s hands and leaving it there with confidence.

Here’s a prayer to help you do just that: ‘Lord, everything’s in a panic! Everybody wants a piece of me. There’s far too much to do and never enough hours to do it. My head is clogged with all kinds of junk and my heart is ready to break. Lord, where are You? I feel like the disciples when the storm came up and the winds and waves rocked their boat. My cry is the same as theirs, "Somebody go get Jesus – I’m about to drown out here!" The storms of my life have all but sunk my boat; I can’t take much more. Prince of Peace, I need You. Father, Who never slumbers nor sleeps, take charge. I need the comfort and courage that comes from Your Spirit. Speak Lord, for the wind still remembers the sound of Your voice. Let me find in You a quiet place, a place where I can pillow my head on Your breast, hear Your heartbeat and feel secure. Amen.’