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God Will Take Care of You!

…He will take care of you… Psalm 55:22

Gladys Aylward, missionary to China more than fifty years ago, was forced to flee when the Japanese invaded Yuncheng. With only one assistant, she led a hundred orphans over the mountains toward free China. During the journey she grappled with fear. After passing a sleepless night she faced the morning with no hope of reaching safety. A thirteen-year-old girl in the group reminded her of their much-loved story of Moses and the Red Sea. ‘But I am not Moses,’ Gladys sighed in despair. ‘Of course you aren’t,’ the girl said, ‘but God is still God!’ When Gladys and the orphans made it through they proved once again that no matter how inadequate we feel, God is still God, and we can still trust Him.

Sometimes God calms the storm, other times He lets the storm rage and calms us. Either way, He sustains us and brings us through. We always have a choice: either we give the burden to God or we try to carry it ourselves.

How does God provide for us? One day at a time. Remember the Israelites in the wilderness? Each day God fed them by sending manna from heaven. Notice how it worked. The number of people in your family determined the amount of manna you received, no more and no less. And God would only allow you to collect enough for each day; if you tried to hoard more, it rotted. Getting the idea? So trust God for today and leave tomorrow in His hands. ‘Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you.’