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I Don’t Need That

I was listening to the radio today. A young kid was interviewing a 100 year old man. As you might guess, the kid asked the old man what his secret to living old was. The gentleman thought a minute and then answered that his secret to living such a long life was not to worry. That was it. He didn’t worry.

The elderly gentleman said he felt that the world was in such a hurry because of credit cards, spending and debt. He thought so many people spend more than they have and can afford. They get themselves into
trouble. Therefore, causing their own worry. He went on to say that he thought you should always pay cash. Never buy things you can’t afford and don’t need. Most of all, never use credit cards.

I thought this was a great piece of wisdom. How many people (including yourself) buy things they can’t afford or don’t need? How many people do you know that are constantly worried about their finances?

Then… they spend their time worrying about how to pay their bills and pay for the things that they bought.
Of course, as a Christian, you know not to worry. To trust in God and give your worries to HIM. Don’t you?
On the other hand, we are all human. We do things that cause us grief because we are not perfect. And then… we worry.

Today, I challenge you to ask yourself a simple question when you think you might want to spend money on something…

Simply ask: "Do I Need That?"

That’s it. I think You’ll be amazed at the real answer and how many times you realize I really don’t "need" that. If you answer yes and think that you might really "need" something, then ask yourself one more question to be sure: "Can I afford that?" These simple questions might save you a lot of grief and worry in the future.

To double your money, fold it in half and place it back in your pocket. You’ll soon find that you have twice as much money and half as many worries.