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Just Drive, and Let God Direct You!

Lead me, O Lord…make Your way straight before my face. Psalm 5:8

Hannah Whitall Smith writes: ‘God’s voice will always be in harmony with itself, regardless of how many ways He may speak. The voices may be many, the message can be but one. If God tells me in one voice to do, or leave undone anything, He cannot possibly tell me the opposite in another voice…therefore my rule for distinguishing the voice of God would be to bring it to the test of this harmony.’

To know that you’re being led by God you must:

  • 1) believe that He has a plan for your life
  • 2) spend time in prayer asking Him to reveal it
  • 3) step out and obey Him, even though He doesn’t tell you all you’d like to know
  • 4) be confident that even in difficult times He’s still directing your steps.

During the making of Ben-Hur, Charlton Heston trained long hours to drive a chariot for the movie’s big chariot race. He improved greatly, but he became convinced that the task was more than he could handle. So he approached the legendary movie director Cecil B DeMille and said, ‘I’ve worked hard at mastering this rig. I think I can drive it convincingly in the scene, but I don’t think I can win the race.’ After a moment’s silence DeMille smiled and said, ‘You just drive, I’ll direct.’ He did, and the chariot race became one of the movie’s most memorable highlights. You don’t need all the answers, you only need to know you’ve fully obeyed the instructions God gave you. Once you know that, just drive, and let Him direct you!